Do It While They’re Young: the Importance of Annual Family Portraits


October 31, 2017


How many times do you watch your child learn something new, get something right, or push through a struggle, and think, “when did my child grow up so fast?” The question comes up too many times to count.

As a parent, I could snap photos of my kids all day long. But then I rarely get photos of the entire family together, where my children can really see how much they grow, and how much their parents have as well. It’s so easy to place family photos on the back burner. Yet so many young families miss out on taking family portraits. It’s the best opportunity to show friends, loved ones, and themselves how they grow year after year.

The Browns have gotten together for annual family portraits the past three years. They schedule their shoot in the fall, where they get a cherished photo just in time for all those holiday cards. Perfect timing too…the past three years may have been the most eventful of their lives.

’15: The Browns were a couple of bright-eyed, new parents to their golden-haired son with a baby well on the way!

’16: Their baby girl is new to the world and new to the camera, although she’s a natural like her brother and parents. As the Browns’ little girl explores the sites and sounds around her, big bro is already practicing his tractor driving.

’17: With the youngest member of the family now walking the walk, the Browns go hand in hand to take on the world together. Will this happy family grow any bigger? Friends and loved ones will have to tune in next year to see the growth!

Family portraits tell so much about a family. The Browns’ tradition of having annual photo shoots lets them see the growth in their family, how time changed them, and the new things to celebrate since last year. Don’t miss out on your chance to start a tradition of annual family portraits. Show each member of your family how many things change in a year’s time, and then show them that your family sticks together through it all.

  1. Rebecca Brown says:

    Can’t wait to do them again!!!

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