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March 29, 2018

Whether you work to live or live to work,

…You depend on others to get the job done. That job requires at least forty or more hours a week of being around each other, overcoming obstacles, and brainstorming together. Team building is already done every day in the workplace, but when a company dedicates an event to the subject, it can expect prosperous results in productivity and morale.

Portfolio Hotels & Resorts is a successful hotel management team that focuses on their guests, team members, and investors. With their San Diego location closest to where I work, this management company covers coast to coast. I recently worked with Portfolio Hotels & Resorts to snap their motivational event and sales conference, Choose to Win.

Choose to Win gave its attendees the opportunity to improve their sales, better their customer service, and take time for team building. While its main focus was about improving celebrating its best practices, its work-hard-play-hard ambiance reassured employees that this company is definitely worth working for.

The company hired marketing experts, Aspire, to put together an elaborate sales and customer service training. Portfolio team members not only significantly strengthened their skills and education, but raised their esteems and confidence levels and credibility.

They also elected party masters Hello! California to organize an exceptional awards and celebration event that made its guests feel like rock stars. Each award was showered with confetti, strobe lights painted the crowded dance floor, and every face boasted a smile. As my camera collected the camaraderie throughout the night, it became apparent that professionally-planned team building events like this one are why talented people stick around in a company.

This hardworking group of people seem to enjoy working towards a single goal, together, for a company that they know cares for them. Portfolio Hotels & Resorts is doing it right, creating powerful bonds between their staff for the company’s benefit. It was an uplifting event with a team of ambitious leaders; I’m still dusting the confetti off my camera!

Special thanks to Aspire and Hello! California for creating an unforgettable sales experience for their clients!

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