Four Reasons Why Your Family Portrait will Look Great in Gaslamp Quarter


June 7, 2018

I am a father first, a husband second, and a photographer third. With those three titles under my belt, I can’t stress enough how important it is to take professional family portraits. Family portraits give you a chance to freeze those beautiful points in time where life is moving faster than ever before.

And if your family lives in San Diego (SD), one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities, you’re collecting so much more than just memories of what “home” means to you. A professional portrait of your family in San Diego offers a piece of history to the city, an understanding of how locals enjoy their lives here, and visual examples of why San Diego is flourishing at sky-high rates.

One of SD’s most famous neighborhoods, Gaslamp Quarter is comprised of historical importance, trendy shops, social hubs, and pure fun. Yet it holds much more than shops, especially for my long-time clients, the Cruz family.

I captured the Cruz-es love story under the Gaslamp lights back in 2009. Once they became a family of four, they moved to Colorado. After almost ten San Diego-less years, theirs hearts demanded to visit SD yet again, and acknowledged the importance of taking time for a family portrait. With two little Cruz-es in tow, they knew they wanted their pictures taken in one of their favorite and most memorable places.

Here are four reasons why you need to learn from the Cruz family, and schedule your family portrait to take place in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter:

It’s growing.

San Diego is home to over 1.3 million people, and that number is still rising The city itself constantly improves its layout, infrastructure, and efficiency. Being part of a city that values growth and improvement hold deep value; blossoming with that city helps shape you and your family into original thinkers, creative individuals, and caring people. Why not take your family pictures in a place that shares the same values of growth as you do?

It’s glowing.

Gaslamp Quarter sparkles. Sunlight showers the area almost half the year. The other days include minimal rain and partly-cloudy skies. No matter what season or day you schedule your family portrait, chances are your pictures at Gaslamp will turn out fantastic, with the golden sun coating your family with the perfect natural lighting.

It values the old and welcomes the new.

Did you know Gaslamp Quarter is part of the National Register of Historic Places? Its historical importance adds an integral piece to San Diego’s story of growth. While preserving its historical roots, the neighborhood also flaunts the latest and greatest restaurants and stores. A family portrait in Gaslamp would show off the preservation of what made San Diego such a stunning place to live, as well as what currently makes the city a focal point for gathering and socializing.

It’s got it all.

Night life, sports, good eats, shopping, festivals, and more all reside in this trendy city. There isn’t a single street corner without a social gathering, a popular brewery, a fashion-forward shop, or a crowded restaurant. This neighborhood is far from boring, which is why families like the Cruz-es fit right in with their family photos’ surroundings. If your family loves fun and adventure with every turn, Gaslamp Quarter is calling your name.

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