Five New, Original Location Ideas for Your Next Event

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January 11, 2020

“Location, location, location,” – real estate agents everywhere.

And yet, the saying still holds true: location is extremely important to where you’re having your next big event. Whether it be a first or 60th birthday party, a wedding, modeling head shots, a company event, a performance, or anything in between, finding the perfect place to host your event can be tricky without knowing the right places, people, and websites to look. A simple web search of your desired event location will most likely bring up popular event spots. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s a safe guess that your desired date might be booked, that it will be crowded with people not in your party, and that there won’t be enough parking for everyone.

Whenever I work with clients who rent a private space to call their own, I always notice the freedom they enjoy, the privacy and the relaxed atmosphere that they get to soak in for themselves. Imagine you have an entire place reserved in your name to host that surprise party, or that corporate event, or an upcoming graduation photo shoot, for the hours you need it, on the date(s) you want, with only the people you want there with you! Enter Peerspace: basically, the Airbnb of meeting and event space rentals.

Using Peerspace‘s search results, here are five quick event location ideas that are unique, personal, and completely yours for your next event, whatever and whenever that may be. Happy location finding!

1. A getaway equipped with everything needed for the perfect house party.

Sometimes, having a party in a cozy chateau is the perfect place for a family get-together. It’s a chance to turn a professionally designed and well-kept house into yours, with those renovations you’ve always dreamed of, without the worry of having to move anything or clean up too much.

Peerspace examples:

La Jolla Country Casa Event Space

– Versatile Beachside House – Lifestyle and Products- Great Lighting, Spacious, Custom Designed

2. An estate for bringing your guests and you together in an intimate, unique setting with no other distractions.

These types of rentals are especially popular for weddings, where an immaculate estate is available for everything a bride and groom may need. Estates provide a private environment where couples can get ready onsite, walk to their ceremony and their reception, and enjoy the estate as if it was their own.

Peerspace examples:

Spacious Villa with Breathtaking Views for Events, Meetings, Photo Shoots!

– Country Elegance on Hilltop with majestic 360 views. Spectacular outdoor spaces

3. An outdoor space that can handle the band, the fans, and the drum solo!

For musicians looking to hold a private party for themselves and their biggest fans, renting a private space to hold a concert is a great way to add hype and exclusiveness to the event. It also allows for the band to play without any permits, interruptions, permissions from the city, etc., since, the space is entirely theirs to do what they please with it!

Peerspace example:

Barrio Logan indoor/outdoor event space

4. A space dedicated to targeting your customer base.

Good entrepreneurs know their customers; what their audience looks like, does for a living, does in their free time, and what their pain points are. If you’re a business owner reading this, renting a space to market a product or service in a location that captures your targeted audience’s attention will not only get your brand noticed, but will also help you stand out from your competitors, too.

Peerspace examples:

– Smart & Sleek Conference Boardroom – Edison

Light and Bright Yoga Studio

– Artistic Urban Gym

5. A garden flourishing with the most beautiful greenery you never knew existed.

Gardens are an attraction as well as a location, and from a photographer’s perspective, they are particularly gorgeous in the background of a headshot or grad photo. To create an entirely different environment filled with living, growing flora, booking a garden as your next event location will be as exotic as it will be breathtaking.

Peerspace example:

Canyon Perched A-Frame Home & Art Studio

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