Looking Professional Can be Half the Battle


March 7, 2017

Business people, especially Realtors, understand the importance of professional photography.

You’re right, it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most. But a professional, attractive appearance is the first step in helping potential clients, employers, and sometimes even a date see the worthwhile services you offer.

People like to trust the person(s) they are working with. If that person or company looks clean, honest, and efficient, the first impression will usually be a strong one.

Now that many businesses promote themselves online and on social media, viewers only have to click on photos and videos to determine if they want to delve deeper into a company or not. If those first images are of poor quality or unprofessional, you can bet that visitors will look for a better-looking business online.

If anyone understands the importance of professional appearance, a Realtor would. Realtors’ careers are based off of finding good looking homes that can also provide stability and a safe place for residents and businesses. Setting up visual displays and eye-catching setups to attract clients into a home can be the most important part of the selling process.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) held their 2016 Broker Summit that brings new ideas and selling techniques to the realtor world. The Summit took place at the beautiful Fairmont Grand in Del Mar in San Diego, California.

The association is a go-to organization for realty professionals who never stop learning. NAR needed professional photography to properly showcase what the event offered for visitors looking at the association’s website and event coverage.

Enter Brant Bender Photography.

NAR president, Bill Brown, welcomed the members and keynote speakers and simply needed to be themselves on the stage, and I easily captured these moments from the Summit. My images served as sneak peaks and cover photos for feature images in site articles and event coverage by the very talented Erica Christopher.

Articles like “Keep Calm and Manage a Crisis”, “Tech Disruptors That Will Bring You Business”, “Improve Your Agent’s Value Proposition”, and more were presented as official and trustworthy articles using the images I took of the event.

It was truly empowering to be part of a fun, educational, and influential event like this one. Realtors and I seem to get along so well…seeing as we understand the importance of professional photography.

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