Four tips on capturing the perfect proposal

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October 11, 2018

It needs to be perfect.

Proposing to your significant other (SO) needs to be flawless. It is a tender and defining moment solidifying your resolution to spend your lives together. To freeze that moment on camera is definitely worth the time and effort of set up and planning; every client I have taken proposal pictures for instinctively reacts to their photos with overwhelming sentimentality and warm recollection. In fact, proposal pictures serve as outstanding wedding announcements to friends and family–often better than any planned or timed photos taken together before or after the big moment.

Capturing the big question can be tricky, but it is definitely doable, and may be the most honest picture of emotion you two ever take together. Here are four proposal tips to keep in the back of your mind as you craft that ultimate, intimate moment:

1. Find a spacious spot.

Look for an area that not only means something special to the both of you, but that also has a decent amount of space for your photographer(s) to snap that ideal picture angle. The more room you give yourself to pop the question, the more perspective your hired help can collect.

2. Make sure there’s light.

There’s no picture without light, and a flash in the middle of a very personal question can interrupt the magic of it all. Make sure your selected area has adequate light, whether inside or outside. If you are considering asking outside, keep in mind that the time of day determines the light’s angle. Afternoon provides a bright and sunny background, while sunset creates twilight rays in between you both.

3. Get multiple angles.

Every standpoint is worth capturing, especially with all the emotion from your SO. Make sure you snap that knee-dropping moment and the unforgettable gasp/smile from the front, sides, and above.

4. Keep clicking that button before, during, and after.

Do not miss a second of your invaluable moment together. The picture taking does not start when you get down on one knee, nor does it stop after you hear “yes.” From the moment you two find the spot to the repeated review of that rock on the left ring finger, keep that camera rolling.

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