The Bernardo Winery – Wine and Love


March 13, 2017

A rustic, romantic, and intimate wedding venue surrounded by grapevines and tranquility.

If you ever get the chance to have a wedding at the Bernardo Winery, I know some couples that would highly recommend it, including my fiancée and I. Around a year ago, I visited the Bernardo Winery in San Diego, California (on business) to snap Shawnell and Luis’ intimate vineyard wedding.

This marriage was a true pleasure to photograph. You could feel the close-knit connections at the wedding, combined with the summery comfort found in every grape vine.

What made Shawnell and Luis’ pictures so treasurable were their personalities showing through their ceremony. I was able to capture the spontaneous, organic smiles of the bride, groom, and their proud family, encompassed in the personalized and peaceful aura of the Winery.

Be it the carefully laid cream-rose petals that guided Shawnell and her teary-eyed father down the aisle, the vintage yet strong roof over the altar, or the whimsical trees and vineyard vines that seemingly protected the event from onlookers, my snapshots of the wedding seemed to hold the ultimate combination of wine, family, and love.

The Bernardo Winery does close-knit weddings right. Hidden within blooming trees and rustic wine barrels, guests had room to breathe while still being able to make eye contact with the bride and groom on the altar.

It’s important to note that close-knit weddings are not for everybody. If you want an explosive Vegas show of a wedding, the Bernardo Winery is the opposite. But for people like Shawnell and Luis who wanted a personal, emotional ceremony for everyone in attendance, this venue was a storybook tale come true.

The connections that the couple had with every guest at the Bernardo Winery made a powerful impact, and also made for even better wedding pictures. These two were testaments to what I know will be the best day of mine and my future wife’s life. Here’s to hoping our Bernardo Winery wedding is as personal and wonderful as theirs. 

And don’t worry, no wine (or love) was wasted in the making of these photos.

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