2017 Top Tech Exec Awards, a view from the lens

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June 2, 2017

The 2017 Top Tech Exec Awards took place at the  Petco Park in San Diego on May 11. Thanks to Sara Brown of Sara Brown Events, me and two other talented photographers took part in capturing the best moments of the gathering. While technology executives highlighted the brightest of the industry, the San Diego Business Journal kept tabs on who won what and the night’s memorable moments.

In regards to event coolness…where do I begin? While Cox Cable team members played Foosball with Batman and Wonder Woman, Nick Hardwick and some live music glowed under fireworks over the outfield. Between visiting some of my favorite superheroes, listening to motivating speeches, and a parachute landing, I was in photographer heaven with so many exciting activities to capture. Tech wizards and known talents alike melded in the home field of the San Diego Padres, as Eder Escamilla, myself, and others enjoyed the prestigious event by snapping pictures of attendees.

As for the real reason of being there, we photographers were far from unimpressed as we watched deserving nominees receive outstanding recognition. Awards to San Diego community staples, like Dr. Christopher Longhurst of UC Health, Tim Bochard of Glacier Water, Laura Spencer of Lakeside Union School District, and more humbled all that listened. Snapping pictures of the Top Tech Exec Awards honorees required minimal effort as speakers glowed on top of a professional, modern stage that echoed every word throughout the Padres’ stadium.

It’s professional events like these that get me looking forward to what ideas may come next, what technology will help our world be better, and what good our future will bring. Thanks again to Petco Park for the second-to-none venue, Sara Brown Events for accommodating a record-breaking attendance, the 2017 Top Tech Exec Awards for promoting the best of San Diego’s tech community, and San Diego Business Journal for the literary coverage. And of course, thank you to all the award winners for their contributions to my home, San Diego and the companies they have advanced.


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