A Show stopping dance studio photo shoot


May 23, 2017

A talented group of dancers came together in an epic photo shoot/team building event surrounded by some stunning architecture. These masters of the dance floor teamed up with me at the San Diego Museum of Art, where structural designs met the performing arts in an explosion of exquisiteness.

In a photo shoot I have never experienced before, these dance experts used their setting as a stage, not just a background. While most every client I ever worked with simply tried to match their surroundings, these dancers used the museum as a tool to showcase their chemistry with each other. The museum’s steps, pillars, and fountains only complemented this team’s poses and positions as I snapped photos. In the gallery below, notice how the dancers worked together, molding their bodies to accentuate their surroundings. They managed to make themselves an artistic piece, surpassing the museum’s carefully planned layout and elements.

To add on, it’s important to note that professionally, these dancers are experts of movement, not modeling. That being said, it would be hard to tell as each dancer commanded attention in front of the lens. While they are trained to move, their frozen poses were as showstopping as watching them perform on a stage.

If you dare to take the first few steps of learning how to ballroom dance, contact Nathan and Julie Garibay, the dance leaders that helped set up this photo shoot, to help teach you the rest of those steps. Shout out to those two, who taught me how to dance for my wedding!

And finally, if you are a professional in need of some stunning photos, you already know who to contact.


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