Baby Shower by the sea, at Carlsbad Crossings

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April 7, 2017

Recently, I documented a baby shower that took place at Carlsbad Crossings. Please note that, when I say baby shower at the Carlsbad Crossings, I really mean a stunning outing at a castle by the sea, where the excitement of an incoming baby boy brought together a group of ladies to celebrate the new life that will make this world better.

Let’s first rave about the baby shower itself.

The baby shower stood as nothing short of perfect. The expecting mother, my good friend Jenny, chose rich, deep blues that complimented the regal, seaside setting. By the end of the event, guests’ cheeks hurt from smiling too much. My camera couldn’t capture a sour face if it tried–every member enjoyed herself to the fullest extent. The Jenny’s excitement was contagious to all including the Crossings staff. Their only mishap? The Dodgers’ onsie gift instead of a Padres’ one!

Now, let’s talk location.

Carlsbad Crossings is one of the most elegant venues in SoCal, and yet it is still considered a hidden gem to many.

Mom-to-be celebrated her incoming baby boy in one of the Crossings’ private halls, which was equipped with hand-placed stone and floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the coast. The windows played a part in making the mother glisten when opening her stockpile of gifts. Extra porthole windows reflected the sun’s rays onto the stones, creating an airy, delightful tone for the event.

Most importantly, all that natural light aided in brightening the expecting mother’s pregnancy glow, and illuminated the various blues of the baby shower. It made my job as a professional photographer look easy. And in between gushing over the new mom, guests looked out towards the calming sea and gleaming knoll hugging the cliff.

A great planner, a magnificent venue, and a highly-anticipated addition to a family created the perfect storm at this baby shower. The Carlsbad Crossings provided the fairy tale setting, and Jenny and friends provided, well, something to celebrate.


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