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April 4, 2017

Over the years, I have collected a few maternity shoot tips that make all the difference when announcing your family’s biggest news yet.

Announcing your incoming baby is so unique compared to other photo shoots: there are copious emotions that flood in when people find out you (and your partner) are pregnant. Absolute delight, awe, hope for humanity, and protective fear for the unknown fill the faces of people you tell; let alone the range of emotions spinning like a carousel in your own head.

Announcing this kind of news is exceptionally treasurable for people–you are bringing someone new into the world, and your entire reason of existence now orbits around what’s growing inside your/your S.O.’s belly. The weight behind what a maternity shoot represents means I take every maternity shoot personally. I’ve worked with a lot of expecting couples, and I have a few takeaways for couples planning to announce their biggest announcement yet.

Some helpful maternity shoot tips to announce your pregnancy the best way possible:

  1. In regards to being classy, be organic. As you look at celebrity maternity shoots and some wild ideas online, you’re going to think about striking poses or have a “perfect” emotion for your engagement announcement card. That’s great, but I have been in this business since I was a young boy: being yourself, laughing like you would without a camera in sight–those are the best moments captured on camera. 
  2. In being unique, bring a personal memento or symbol that you and your future-fellow parent share and love. Using my expertise with location, camera angle, and light, we can capture personalized, one-of-a-kind images that will make your pregnancy announcement stand out from an otherwise generic announcement picture. For example, I worked with an expecting couple who always wore Converse shoes. Their friends and family immediately knew the personal meaning behind my photo of the two holding a tiny pair of Converse together.
  3. In being both classy and unique, choose a location that you can imagine your newly expanded family enjoying in the future. These locations will become tasteful settings that you can’t wait to show your little one to when he/she is older. Choosing a place that you can look forward to puts a distinct detail on the pregnancy announcement, one that only you and the people that love you will know the significance of. As a result, those pictures come out as honest, classy, and endearing.

If you would like more maternity shoot tips, message me, and I would be happy to help advise you to the perfect shoot for you and your soon-to-grow family.

  1. I love the advice about keeping your maternity photoshoot classy. I think the funny ones some women do are great, but I want ones that are more classic. I think finding a photographer with a portfolio I like will ensure I get the picture I want.

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