A Desert Engagement at the Glamis Dunes

Engagement Sessions

March 30, 2017

Announcing your engagement is BIG news…

…Which is why Mackenzie and Kyle decided to take their engagement photos at the Glamis Dunes.

Also known as the Algodones Dunes, the Glamis Dunes offer 45 miles of golden sand near the state’s corner touching Mexico and Arizona. In the seemingly endless movie setting-esque landscape, Mackenzie and Kyle took some astounding shots together for their upcoming Save the Date cards.

Most couples pick a nice water fountain or the beach for their Save-the-Dates. Don’t get me wrong–those always look gorgeous and one can never go wrong with those locations. But this recent shoot at the Glamis Dunes reflected Mackenzie and Kyle’s daring personalities, electric chemistry, and golden state heritage. See for yourself, their images were nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Edgy, yet beautiful.

Both Mackenzie and Kyle found the tranquility in the endless dunes. The light breeze whipping their hair and the grains of sand made for a model-like photo shoot. Deserts are known for their unforgiving territories. But they are also known for their mysterious allure. Combine that with a couple that recently decided they want to spend the rest of their lives together, and you have a recipe for an edgy yet beautiful engagement shoot.

All-terrain vehicles.

Californians Mackenzie and Kyle know that their home’s beauty includes the many different landscapes of the state. Yes, there are the beaches and San Francisco. But there is no denying a sunset’s rays splattering the sands of the dunes, or the chilling nights where the moonlight highlights the dips in terrain. The couple took advantage of this little-known attractiveness, shown in their sublime, one-of-a-kind images.

I can’t wait to see their Save the Date card sitting in my mailbox. It will be a dramatically delightful contrast between the bland bills and coupons: their pure happiness that overlooks the sparkling sands and warm sunlight of the Glamis Dunes.

Cheers to an even more stunning wedding and life together, Mackenzie and Kyle!

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