Some important facts about getting married


March 23, 2017

So you’re getting engaged and/or married. Congratulations! Here are some important facts that will guide you from here on out. just revealed some very important facts about getting married. The report shows trends, statistics, and what other people are doing, from the moment you start looking for a ring to the last words of your toast at the reception.

The Engagement

Popping the question takes less than five seconds, but planning for it takes plenty of time.

The most popular day to get engaged last year was Christmas Day, followed by Valentine’s Day and Christmas Eve. Only 12% of couples hired a photographer for their proposals, but 62% of couples held engagement shoots. A lot of the couples I work with like to use their engagement pictures to make engagement announcements via social media. In fact, 64% of couples announce their engagement on social media, along with 25% of couples that invite friends and family to celebrate immediately following the proposal.

Prep Squad

There is so much planning that goes into your wedding day.

Luckily, our smartphones are becoming more accommodating to planning on the go. Half of the planning is now done via smartphone or tablet, and that statistic raised 66% since 2015. Moreover, 70% of younger couples are now creating their own websites for their upcoming weddings. ⅓ of couples use a wedding planning app to make sure they hit everything on their checklist. Apps that I have been utilizing, such as my mobile albums, have only increased in popularity with clients over recent years.

Part of the formula to a great wedding is picking good vendors, or services for your wedding. Most couples start researching photographers 9 months prior to their wedding. 84% of couples hire a professional photographer for the actual ceremony. A lot of my clients look to my Twitter and Facebook for reviews before booking me, which makes sense, considering 56% of couples only hire vendors that can be found on social media.

The Big Day

Your wedding day is a big deal. While everyone has their own idea of their perfect wedding, several facts stood out this past year. The first was how many guests attended a given wedding. An average of 124 guests attend opposite-sex weddings, while an average of 100 guest attend same-sex ceremonies. The second was the number of vendors used. On average, opposite-sex couples hire 13 vendors, versus same-sex couples hiring 11 vendors.

The third, fourth, and fifth took the form of popular trends. Cake-cutting celebrations are popular right now (I’ve documented at least 20 cake-cuttings in 2016 alone), followed by creative wedding signage, and “first looks” (where the couple can see each other before walking down the aisle). Personally, I find that capturing first looks can be the highlight of the wedding album.

Staying Trendy

Wedding trends are a’ changin’. Fashion trends for women in the wedding party include: sleeves, off the shoulder dresses, and high neck collars. Only 46% of bridesmaids wore the same dresses last year. Men’s formal wear is growing more casual: floral bow ties are growing in popularity, grey and burgundy are replacing black, and 60% of grooms put on suits or something more casual.

Looking at spending trends are important to staying within your budget. The average wedding cost in the San Diego area is around $28,600, but the average cost of the engagement, wedding, and honeymoon round out to approximately $37,000. It’s important to note a not-so-good trend that I see too often: couples tend to underestimate their wedding’s cost by up to 40%.

Use these important facts about getting married to help decide what will work for your wedding, trends to stay in touch with, and the budget that fits you and your future hubby’s lifestyle. For more important facts about getting married and to review the facts I listed, visit WeddingWire’s report.

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