These engagement photos show the BEST of California’s coast

Engagement Sessions

April 17, 2017

Recently, I teamed up with a very-in-love, extremely photogenic couple for the ultimate California coast engagement photo shoot. Colin and Amanda took their engagement announcement to a picture-perfect level, using their honest love for each other, their color choices, and the ocean’s waves as well as its golden sand.

Amanda and Colin, along with their beyond-adorable dog, Minnie, hit the edge of our continent with me right before the sun sank behind the Pacific. This California coast engagement embodied everything the couple lived for: each other, their pup, and the California dream.

The setting was the backdrop to their future together.

The waves were subtle, but rolling in just enough to create movement and flow in Colin’s and Amanda’s pictures together. With every kiss or smile, a small splash of cold saltwater enveloped the two’s feet, keeping them cemented for a few picture-worthy seconds.

The sunset cast long shadows behind the glimmering couple. As the light faded behind the clouds and sea, the blues and purples of the sky brought out the soft, cottons of Amanda’s outfit and the dark jeans Colin wore. The falling sun also illuminated their sun-kissed skin, especially towards the end of the photo shoot.

The sun shined on them that day.

It seemed that the sunlight followed Amanda and Colin the day of their engagement shoot. And when they walked towards the distant cliff-houses together, I captured the intense symbolism that stood in front of them. I snapped two people, so excited and ready to begin a life together, heading towards glowing villas that overlook an endless ocean and endless possibilities.

It was a true pleasure collecting snap shots of Amanda and Colin’s exciting news to be sent to loved ones. Their California coast engagement captured the best of San Diego’s golden beaches. While some of us already see that beauty every day, it’s even more treasurable to see a beautiful couple fall deeper in love with each other while announcing their engagement on those sands.

Tune in for an update on how great their wedding will go; they will be wed at Hotel Del Coronado in March of 2018. In the meantime, keep your mailboxes empty in case there’s room for Colin and Amanda’s dazzling engagement announcement cards!

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