Cowboy boots & tall grass – an engagement in San Diego county’s countryside

Engagement Sessions

April 21, 2017

Tucked away in San Diego county, a true country town thrives, where hand-painted signs exist, with red barns and even a General Store.

Visit this town, and you’ll see cowboys and cowgirls, tractors, and taste the best cider you’ll ever drink. Many of the cars you see belong to tourists and visitors. And if you haven’t heard it before, you can take the lovers out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the lovers. While Jenny and Brett generally live the SoCal-beach lifestyle, the couple went back to their roots with the little town of Julian, California, to announce their engagement for friends and family.

Jenny and Brett’s country engagement is a love story for the ages, captured on my lucky camera this past week. Using their rustic surroundings, this cowboy and Southern (Californian) belle followed their hearts, and boots, in a heart-warming engagement shoot.

There’s something endearing about a country boy dusting off his boots and chasing after the all-American girl next door.

Using barn doors, the wild grass, weathered wood, and the other homespun gems of Julian, Jenny and Brett’s pictures came out stunningly, as well as true to their love story. Go through the gallery below, and take a look at how natural those two look near a picnic table, a meadow, or a beat-up storage shed. Those old-timey attributes brought out the extensive chemistry between Jenny and Brett, which showed up in all of their pictures.

And there’s something sweet about that girl falling head over boots for him back.

The candid shots of the two gazing at each other in the meadow, on the stairs, or anywhere, were far from forced. That happy couple seemed right at home laughing with each other in the tall grass as well as in each other’s arms. This country engagement will be no surprise in the mailbox, but will surely be a sweet confirmation that their home-grown love will finally take the next step, by blossoming into a beautiful life together.

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