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July 2, 2017

Laurie Barron of SimplyStyledSites.com and I are teaming up for the upcoming release of a revolutionary customer’s website. Chrome Dome, a small but top-quality company based in the San Diego area, is hitting the swim industry with a fresh idea: protecting your head while you swim. Their swim caps are made of flexible, breathable, and effective fabric that gives swimmers a reliable solution for the thing they love to do most. Now they want to expand their brand to the online marketplace, and are doing it the right way.

They are lifestyle oriented.

Chrome Dome’s website isn’t just showing their products. The website will be showing how their products fit into the various lifestyles of people that love the water. Whether you’re out for an icy swim near the pier, a refreshing dip on your way home from work, or training for that bucket list triathlon, your Chrome Dome is ready for action when you are. 

They are transparent.

There is no strings attached to Chrome Dome’s product. They sell the ultimate swim cap for whatever kind of swimmer you are, and that’s it. The idea of a simple, yet extremely useful, product that improves someone’s standard of life and happiness is what makes Chrome Dome a great example on creating a customer-oriented website.

They are customers.

The makers of Chrome Dome know their products inside and out, because they use Chrome Dome in their daily lives. Any online marketing is best done if the marketer lives, breathes, and uses the product.

Laurie has years of experience in developing effective, stunning websites from start to finish. Contact her on Simply Styled Sites to update your average website to a game-changing one.

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