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June 9, 2017

From the “I’d like to thank the academy” speeches to the “Hardest worker – Bob in accounting” plastic plaques, awards ceremonies are meant to be captured, no matter how big or small a company/association is. For this company event at the Prado at Balboa Park, event photos were only part of a delightful event between coworkers.

People seem to forget that outside of work, coworkers are regular, fun-loving people. Take them out of the office, and look at how much more alive some people become. These event photos reveal honest, cheek-lifting smiles between the attendees.

When those regular, fun-loving people are in a place where it’s finally ok to not focus on work, people really bond with one another. A coworker learns that her cubicle-neighbor volunteers at the local animal shelter. The VP talks to an entry level tech, which leads to an insightful discussion about world travel. In the moment, the attendees have no idea how much they are strengthening their team, but in the event photos, the evidence is obvious.

Company events bring a company together, increase loyalty, and leverage employees’ abilities to work on a team. Really think about it–people work a lot harder for their friends and family over work. Events like these, people really connecting–those are friendships and relationships forming, too, as you can see in the event photos.

Your company event can be a rager or a small get-together–hire a photographer like me to document the event. The event photos that come from it will make it worth while, and you can see the relationships forming in every picture.

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