Why modeling needs photographers, and vice versa


June 9, 2017

Peanut butter and jelly. Gum on shoes. A hot dog and a baseball game. If there is a greater combination than any of those, it would be photographers and models. Like an artist that paints, photographing a model, and using that image as art, is one of the basic foundations of photography.

I teamed up with esteemed modeling guru and Ford Model, David Jerome Volz, in the San Diego area. With his Don Draper-y gaze and his five o’clock shadow down to a science, every picture taken was pure gold, to the untrained eye of course. But as many photographers take shot after shot, each with more precision and focus than the last, models work just as hard for their art as photographers do.

With every snap of my camera, I would rearrange my position ever so slightly to achieve a better, cleaner angle of David. And with every click he heard, David refocused on the exact emotion, body language, posture, and facial expression he wanted in his modeling collection.

Without people to photograph, my job would be nonexistent. As a professional photographer, my life’s work is capturing people’s most important moments. As for David, his work is to inspire people with his confidence and power. Without a photographer to capture his emotions and expressions, his job would also be nonexistent.

The ultimate combo? Sounds like it to me.

To see more of David’s personal work or contact him, visit his Instagram, recently ranked #319, https://www.instagram.com/davidjeromevolz/. To speak with me about my work with David and other models, send me a message on my site.

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