Five quick bits of advice for your graduation pictures


May 15, 2017

You’re graduating. Everything is going to change.

That sense of freedom from high school? All those big summer plans before you ship off to college? The stomach-dropping feeling that your friends might be going to a different state? The impending weight of the fact that your future is not clear, and you’re entering uncharted territories?

Just, chill. Everyone, even me (back in the day!) goes through some version of those feelings when they graduate, and everyone gets through it and finds out there is so much more to life than high school. Graduating is a huge deal for you, your family, and your future.

So, why not take some pictures to freeze the moment? Graduation pictures not only give you something to put in the announcement cards, but they remind people that you are going the distance. Below are five tips to help you in taking those graduation pictures.

senior girl graduation picture bernardo winery

Do your hair.

Graduating is important–some of your family members may have never even graduated anything before. You are now representing all of your family, so do your hair and look like an adult. You’ll look nicer in your pictures, too.





bernardo winery brant bender photography
Wear the right pair of shoes.

Recent high school grad, Josie, took these pictures at the Bernardo Winery. The winery’s rustic grape vines, tractors, and wooden charm needs closed toed shoes, such as Josie’s boots. Depending on where you take your graduation pictures, the right footwear is not only comfortable, but helps you appear smart, strategic, and stylish–like you were savvy enough to get through high school!


senior pictures brant bender photography
Dress sharp, but pick something your grandparent would compliment you in.

Bring a few outfits that will feel good in. Beware of outfits that may be too tight, too short, too revealing. If you’re a guy, don’t wear your Slayer tee-shirt. If you’re a girl, make sure your dress’ length is at least past your fingertips. Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure you demonstrate yourself as a smart, capable scholar.

serious grad picture brant bender photography
Think about the big changes ahead of you, then take the picture.

It is O.K. to be afraid, elated, nervous, and more, with ending a big part of your life and starting an even bigger part. It is also O.K. to show your real emotions, it makes you a real person. As a professional photographer, pictures always look better when honest emotions are displayed.




professional senior portrait brant bender photography
Smile for a few of them, too.

This one might be the most important. Your elders, family friends, and family members are all overjoyed for you. In a way, these pictures are more for those people than anything. Smile for them. Your grandparents, your siblings, your parents, and others worked so hard to make sure you were supported your whole life. They are so proud to have one of their own make it this far, and they are so excited to see where you go. Smile. For. Them.

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