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May 12, 2017

The modern day wedding is more about intimacy and personalization than ever. As 2017 goes on, more and more weddings that I attend/photograph prove the statistics and facts below to be true. Use these wedding statistics to help you in learning and deciding which wedding trends you want to follow, create, or drop!

  • Bridal Guide reported that vintage style is the current style. Rusty warehouses, industrial lights, sparklers, and more have made a major comeback in recent years. In my own experiences, many clients have requested vintage-type pictures, from filters to backdrops.
  • Petals and Promises shared a few interesting wedding statistics from 2016. Average marriage ages last year were 29 for the bride, and 31 for the groom. An eyebrow-raising 45% of couples admitted they went over their budgets, while 80% do most of, or all of, the wedding planning while at work. The national average spent on weddings leveled at $35,329, where couples focused less on guest quantity and more on their guests’ experiences.
  • Unique cocktails, decor, and entertainment were all a major focus of weddings this past year. 40% of couples chose wedding venues that were unique and true to their personalities/love story.
  • The act of getting ready for the ceremony became a decent slice of the budget, The Knot said. Wedding day makeup was an average of $100, hair styling cost $119, and on a personal note, capturing a bride and groom’s first look was many-a-time a requirement when documenting the wedding.
  • There has been a surge of eclectic, quirky activities at recent weddings. I’ve seen a few: a wedding at a basketball gym, an ice cream truck rolling up to the venue, grooms men sporting crazy socks, and more. But in the efforts of making their wedding the most memorable yet, some weddings incorporated photo booths, portrait artists, aerialists, and more.

Didn’t find the trend or statistic you are looking for? Feel free to contact me or message me on Facebook, I’m here to help make your upcoming wedding the perfect one for you and your lucky other half.

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