Lighthouse wedding – when you’re someone’s beacon of light


November 14, 2017

What does a lighthouse mean to you?

Chelsey and Alexander were wed under San Diego’s beacon of light, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse. These two law school-sweethearts tied their (nautical) knot in the form an exquisite lighthouse wedding that brought in more than just light this past summer.

Let’s start with the facts before the couple’s big day:

Chelsey was practically a glowing light beam for Alexander in his first year at law school. They both found inspiration in each other, and Chelsey pushed her now-hubby to get through that first difficult school year.

Alexander was always where Chelsea’s home was, even when they traveled the world together after finishing law school. He was as much of a “lighthouse” to her as she was to him. While cruising the Caribbean together, Alexander got down on one knee and popped the question, where as you can guess, Chelsey said yes!

Now let’s shine some light on this lighthouse wedding:

Thanks to wedding planner Christine Ong Forsythe of Lavish Weddings, voted #1 on Yelp, these two had a celebrity-style ceremony. With a summery seaside breeze gently gliding through the alter, Alexander and Chelsey’s guests came together to celebrate this lovely occasion. The gold and navy wedding colors brought smiles to those sailing by, and the sunlight shined brightly upon the couple during their entire wedding ceremony.

This lighthouse wedding was the perfect venue for these newlyweds. Not only are these two each other’s beacons, but they both are known to provide light, intelligence, and leadership to all that come in contact with them. I’d wish these two luck in their happy new lives together, although they won’t need it–their bright future is practically blinding me and my camera lens.

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