Looking the part: professional head shots go a long way


November 26, 2017

He’s powerful. He’s successful. He’s a professional.

But how would you know all that, without a face to his name? Martin is a savvy business professional in the San Diego area, with hundreds of connections and thousands more people he influences daily. He has grown so much in his career, and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. For that reason, Martin took some professional head shots to look as capable as he actually is.

You’re networking, so you want to make a meaningful connection with another professional that can positively impact your career path. Picture these scenarios: you’re glancing at profile pictures on LinkedIn, reading the bio of a speaker at a seminar, or examining the lanyards of attendees at a networking mixer. The person you want to connect with will, most likely, look like they know what they’re doing. That look will be confident, polished, experienced, and savvy, and can all be conveyed on a professional head shot.

You’re hiring, and as you rummage through the list of resumes and do some web research on your top contenders, you come across some telling internet images. Good thing you looked up your potential employees online, because you sorted out those who like to party, those who are lyingand the one (with professional head shots) that stands out as smart, clean-cut, and valuable to your business.

You’re being hired, and you want to know what kind of boss and/or coworkers you might be working with. Because all you can do is snoop around online, looking at professional head shots (or unprofessional head shots) of your future team members can give you an idea of who will be shaping (or misshaping!) your career.

Martin is a leader at San Diego’s gem, the Town & Country Hotel. His professional head shots give him the representation he worked hard for, deserves, and needs. Whether Martin is networking, hiring, or moving up, he will be ready to portray himself accordingly.

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